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On-Chain Fund Admin

Your dApp for a streamlined fund administration.

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How does it work?

tokenized fund
digital transfer agent

Deploy your fund

A smart contract holds a digital representation of your fund. Your fund can be deployed on Ethereum or Arbitrum for additional efficiency.


Receive subscriptions

After whitelisting, your investors can deposit directly on-chain without intermediaries or via the traditional fiat system. The fund shares are tokenized and issued following the ERC-6909 standard.

digtal assets
traditional assets

Connect your custody

To manage your assets, you can connect multiple custody solutions, such as self-hosted wallets, centralized exchanges, and traditional brokers. Moreover, private equity positions can be discretionally added.


Automate NAV & fees calculations

The NAV and fees are computed and recorded on the blockchain. The manager’s and investors’ payout can be automatically settled in a single transaction without additional reporting.

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crypto native
Digital asset investors managing collective capital
fund manager
Established fund managers receiving in-kind subscriptions
fund administrator
Innovative administrators eager to expand their digital offering

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