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About Us

Managing an investment fund we were overwhelmed by the inefficiency of this industry. After the collapse of some financial intermediaries such as banks and exchanges that we were relying on, we had enough. Late in 2022, we embarked on a journey to reconceive a new model for investment funds. We created Fume to create a financial system without intermediaries.

What We Do

We are building the next generation of investment fund because we believe in a financial system without intermediaries.

Why Us

We focus on simplicity. Less is more, especially when disrupting the traditional model of fund administration.

Meet the People
Behind the Product

Riccardo Conti
Chief Executive Officer
Mark Bickel
Chief Technology Officer
Raphael Maibach
Head of Legal
Pablo Pfister
Head of Staff
Antonino Sardegno
Commercial Manager
Vikrant Pangam
Head of Operations
Batuhan Doruk
Software Engineer
Marc Baumberger
Marc Baumberger
Advisor (MLL Legal)

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Dive into the future of fund management with Fume. Explore our on-chain administration tool designed to streamline your processes and reduce overhead costs.

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