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New Partnership: Fume & Autowhale

Partnership Announcement: Fume and Autowhale
Riccardo Conti

The Future of Crypto Trading

In today’s financial landscape, navigating TradFi and Web3.0, the emergence of cryptocurrency as a vital asset class demands innovative, AI-powered solutions and strategic partnerships. One standout player in this dynamic field is Autowhale, whose advanced digital asset trading infrastructure has carved a niche for itself among fintech and crypto enthusiasts. Our collaboration with Autowhale underscores Fume's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancement in digital finance. Besides Fume, Autowhale recently partnered with Crypto giants like KuCoin,, Binance, and, and has a reputation as a trusted partner that is not merely a testament to its reliable and secure platform but also reflects its ability to foresee and adapt to the market needs. 

Innovative Digital Asset Trading Infrastructure

Autowhale’s flagship product, the Digital Asset Trading Infrastructure can be summed up best as “the only infrastructure product any fund needs”. The Viennese company has been at the forefront of fintech innovation, offering a state-of-the-art trading infrastructure that not only enhances operational efficiency but also amplifies profitability. The platform’s comprehensive suite of tools (including DeFi and AI/ML) enables both individual traders and institutions to manage, automate, and optimize their crypto portfolios with unprecedented ease and precision. This is especially crucial in a market known for its volatility and rapid movements, where Autowhale’s robust features provide a much-needed edge.

Complementing On-chain Administration

Together, Fume and Autowhale aim to set new standards in the Web3 / FinTech sector. This collaboration allows us to provide Autowhale’s users our innovative on-chain administration approach.
In conclusion, together, we strive to be the architects of the future for on-chain investment funds.

About Autowhale

Autowhale enables funds, trading desks, and token projects to launch any form of trading and investment strategy at scale embedded in a securely cloud-hosted all-in-one trading system with their proprietary digital asset trading infrastructure, all embedded in a securely cloud-hosted all-in-one trading system. Autowhale has carved a niche in the crypto market-making sector, delivering cutting-edge solutions for traders, funds, token projects, and exchanges alike, and is committed to continuing its journey of building the backbone of crypto trading infrastructure and bringing the crypto industry forward.


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