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Hong Kong Fintech Week Takeaways

What did we learn about the asian market?
Riccardo Conti
5 min


Early November, our team at Fume had the privilege of attending and presenting at the prestigious Hong Kong FinTech Week. This event brought together the brightest minds and the most innovative ideas in the world of financial technology. In this article, we're excited to share our key takeaways from the conference, which not only gave us a glimpse into the current state of FinTech but also offered a roadmap for its future.

Fume team at the Hong Kong Fintech Week 2023

Cautious Optimism in the Regulatory Landscape

One of the most significant discussions at the conference revolved around regulations in the FinTech sector. There's a sense of cautious optimism among industry leaders. Regulations are moving in a positive direction, promoting innovation and protecting stakeholders. However, there's an underlying belief that the government might change its course swiftly, depending on various global and local economic factors. This uncertainty requires businesses to stay agile and adaptable.

The Surprising Rise of Stablecoins

A revelation at the conference was the extensive use of stablecoins, surpassing our expectations. We noticed that multiple asset managers are now leveraging these digital currencies to transfer capital more efficiently. This trend underscores the growing confidence in stablecoins as a stable and reliable medium in financial operations, especially in cross-border transactions.

Offshore Registration Trends Among Digital Asset Funds

An interesting pattern we observed is the registration of most digital asset funds in offshore locations, primarily in the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands. This trend highlights the global nature of digital assets and the strategic advantages offered by these jurisdictions, such as favorable regulations and tax benefits.

The Buzz Around Web3 and Digital Assets

There was an undeniable buzz around Web3 and digital assets. These technologies are not just the future – they are the present. Alongside artificial intelligence, they were the highlight of the conference. The enthusiasm is palpable, with many startups and established firms exploring ways to integrate these technologies into their operations and offerings.

Acknowledgements and Looking Forward

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to San Wang and Daniel Freihofer for their exceptional work in organizing and hosting the Swiss FinTech delegation. Their efforts made it possible for us to engage in meaningful discussions and forge new connections.


The Hong Kong FinTech Week was an enlightening experience for our team at Fume. The insights we gained are invaluable in shaping our strategies and operations. We're excited about the future of FinTech and are committed to being at the forefront of this revolution. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue our journey in redefining financial technology.

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